I'll never forget my first sighting of seven-year-old Mohamed, barefoot, malnourished and dressed in clothing that was tattered and torn. He was on the side of the road, outcasted from social groups, and never given the chance to have an education due to his loss of vision in one eye and learning disabilities.

As a cognitive and educational therapist who works with children with learning disabilities, my heart bled for this precious child. I understood, that even if Mohamed's parents had the $10/month to send him to school, there were no programs capable of handling his specific learning challenges.

At that moment, I realized that Mohamed needed me the most. I invested my time, energy, and resources to make sure that Mohammed was on a path towards success, which required a vision screening, cataract surgery, teacher training, individualized curriculum, a plan to integrate him into the mainstream classroom, and a way to ensure that our hard work .

Of course, Mohamed is not the only child that needs

As a result of Education Cures' work, today, Mohamed is a happy, engaged student in grade 4 with many friends, vision in both eyes, and the kindest heart of any child I have ever met. It's still too early to say what the future holds for Mohamed, but I have no doubt he will do something amazing- and to think, this was all as a result of education. 

On subsequent trips back, I celebrate Mohamed's successes, but my heart continues to bleed for children like Mohammed- children that need our help the most.

Education Cures identifies schools in impoverished countries that are seeking to make a tremendous impact on their community. Through these local partnerships, Education Cures trains their teachers in the best curriculums in order to ensure that every child has the opportunity to be successful, regardless of learning disabilities or other impairments. Whether students are three years old and entering our Early Childhood Education program or twelve years old and in need of a more supportive environment, we ensure local teachers are ready for every student to begin their educational journey.  At Education Cures, we believe that by empowering teachers and providing the tools, training, technology, and resources needed, we can equip them to impact hundreds of students' lives. Our goal is for the rest of the Mohameds to have a story of hope.