Education Cures works with our partners to develop a classroom culture of trust, safety, collaboration and joy, which enables our learners to flourish. Through our round table discussions we empower teachers in our school with the understanding that trusting children builds responsible citizens. Our teachers learn classroom management techniques that encourage mutual trust between teacher and students. For our youngest learners this begins with teachers sending home a book and puzzle each night. Our teachers show trust that each child will bring back the items the next day. When students return their items they are rewarded by selecting new items to take home.


Establishing strong learning skills and habits early in childhood is key to building lasting academic success and preventing the frustration of learning challenges later along the educational path.

Our Brainjogging™ program is multi-sensory and aids in the synchronization of the cognitive processes required for academic success. The program improves cognitive skills while naturally boosting attention in students as they interact with a series of exercises.

Brainjogging’s™ eye movement exercises provide vision therapy and train the brain and eyes to mimic the tasks required for reading. The visual flash exercises mimic the task of copying from the board and they boost visual sequential memory and attention. During both exercises, students are required to quickly verbalize their responses in order to receive auditory feedback and increase processing speed. 

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Utilizing technology and systematic curriculums allows our students to reach unprecedented levels of success. Our math curriculums are also multi-sensory and our reading programs are phonics-based. Our methods supplement the Sierra Leone national curriculum to ensure our students develop the academic skills not only necessary to pass the national exam but to grow academically and prosper.