Education Cures was founded to help strengthen communities in need through teacher training and proactive education programs.

At Education Cures, we believe that education is one of the only truly effective ways to end poverty and create sustainable, lasting change in communities in need.  Thus, we work closely with educators in the communities that need us the most to design and implement quality early childhood education programs and opportunities. 

What does it mean to be proactive?  It means, quite simply, that we are trying to get ahead of the problem.  It means training educators to deliver the best possible instruction in order to prevent children from ever experiencing learning struggles.  It means preparing children's cognitive processes to learn even before they enter into formalized education.  It means developing critical thinking skills in little ones, so they have these skills for a lifetime.  It means training educators to recognize signs of children's specific learning needs.  The work we do at Education Cures is focused on setting up the leaders of tomorrow for success -- from the very start.

What does it mean to be sustainable?  It means that our work can continue on even if we are not there.  It means building capacity in our local partners so that they are empowered to help themselves.  We are not simply here to hand out money, materials, or equipment -- we are trying to create a new mechanism for positive change that is driven by the communities themselves.  We work to provide our partners with opportunities to learn and grow from the start, while making sure that they continue to have the tools to better themselves and their communities as they progress.