What’s next for Mohamed?


It has been such an incredible four years. Looking back, Mohamed has come so far! He really is a different child than he was on the day I first met him in May of 2015. Mohamed is kind, thoughtful, and a natural helper. He’s my little buddy. Mohamed is 11 years old and just finished the 3rd grade at SLIMS school. If you ask him what he wants to be when he grows up, he would likely say, “A Pastor! Mohamed will be a Pastor!”

I really do believe that Mohamed shows great potential; however, he needs a more intensive school instruction than we can presently offer at SLIMS. Unfortunately, Mohamed's visual problems are not disappearing. Despite three surgeries, we have not been successful in gaining vision in his right eye. As you can imagine, this has impacted his reading. On his recent physical the doctor highlighted his memory and communication as difficulties. Mohamed's teachers have worked hard to help him. I have also worked with him on each trip, but it has become very clear to me that Mohamed needs more. He desperately needs a lower teacher-student ratio, improved English and more than I can provide on a quarterly basis. This past March, I applied for a Visa for Mohamed to come to the US for 6-8 weeks for medical and educational purposes. I was so excited to have that time for him to receive 6 hours of one-on-one daily instruction from my team at Academics Plus.

During our trip in May, Mohamed's Visa was denied. I was in complete shock, and I'm not sure I even processed the reality of the denial at that time. We will reapply, but as I tell parents of children with learning disabilities here in the US, this is our window of opportunity. Mohamed is 11 years old and will be a teenager in two years. I have prayed and thought immensely about what I can do from here. For years I've considered sending him to The American International School of Sierra Leone, as perfecting his English and developing his academic foundations would open many doors for him in the future workforce, but the $22,500 tuition has been out of my reach. 

This year, AIS-SL reduced their tuition in order to allow the school to serve more children from the community. $11,000 plus another $5500 in development fees is still out of reach, but I'm wondering if it's doable. Are there enough people that would want to assist in paying for Mohamed's education? It would take 6 people willing to commit $250/month, 14 people willing to commit $100/month, 28 people at $50/month or 55 people willing to give $25/month. I'm not looking for a long term commitment, but could we do this together for one year? If you feel called to make a monthly commitment toward's Mohamed's education, I would be so grateful if you would set up the recurring donation here. I'll keep this up for a couple of days; if it gains enough interest, I'll keep moving forward. If not, it's okay and I'll take it down; I know what is meant to be will be. This little guy is wrapped in God's loving arms and I know he is going to be just fine.

Some stats about American International School of Freetown- Sierra Leone:

  • Maximum of 18 students/class (currently he's in a class of 50).

  • Teacher has a Master's degree in Special Education

  • English is the language all teachers, students, and parents use to communicate.

  • Education Cures has the opportunity to work directly with AIS to ensure the curriculum meets his needs.

  • Seven hours of instruction vs. his current schedule of 3.5 hours daily.

  • Amazing curriculum that lives up to the US standards.

  • With the skills he will learn at AIS, the job opportunities are endless. He's only 11, so we're still dreaming up ideas, but cannot wait to see where the wind blows this little guy!

  • Direct relationship with the US Embassy.

  • Opportunities for him to make new friends, and see a different side of his own country.